UFC Fight Night 101 – November 26, 2016 – Pre-Fight Summary

Time of writing bets total $2,297. More details below:

  • $397 Knight +150. Hooker is big and tough with hometown advantage, but think Knight is better on the mat, better on the feet and just as tough.
  • $100 Brown +120.
  • $450 Kelly +200. I’ve done really well with Kelly historically. He embodies almost all the elements you love to see when betting on an underdog. I’m hoping the old dog has at least one more left in him.
  • $450 Taylor +105. Think Taylor is really tough, a better athlete, has more power and will be able to get inside. The fight should open up from there.
  • $100 Pedro +120. I like Pedro’s background, mindset and what I’ve seen on film.
  • $135 Kasuya +158.
  • $450 Noke +130. Hate betting against anyone from Dagestan, but I like the line.
  • $15 Holbrook submission +800. There’s a chance.
  • $200 Whittaker +125. I hate betting against the better wrestler, but Whittaker might be special enough to be the exception… don’t feel good about it though.

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