UFC 204 – October 8, 2016 – Post-Fight Summary

I lost $1,377 on Bisping / Hendo to end before 5 rounds, $132.5 on other prop bets on Bisping / Hendo, $400 on Doane, $300 on Omielanczuk and $5 on Belfort. I won $660 on Statsiak & $435 on Manuwa. Net losses were $1,119.5.

Prior to Open Roll it had been profitable making outsized bets on conviction calls. Since then it hasn’t gone as well. When you strike out enough times swinging for the fences, sometimes you need to go back to trying to hit singles and focus on just getting on base. I’m now looking to make less outsized calls on my weightings, and let the strategy, which has worked out well, take a more prominent roll in my P/L card to card.

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