UFC Fight Night 95 – September 24, 2016 – Pre-Fight Summary

Before looking at what the odds makers think, I make an effort to ignore others opinions and progress my own first. I made it through about half the fights and then checked the odds. I didn’t see my own views much different than the lines. At time of writing I have no bets on for this card, but thought it was worth passing on some of the initial views:

  • Cyborg vs. Lansberg: Even if Cyborg passes out on the scale from dehydration she should still be 80% type odds.
  • Barao vs. Nover: Barao might be declining some, but he’s still a top five guy in the division. I’d expect to see Nover 20% type odds.
  • Silva vs. Nelson: Silva has no chin. Nelson’s chin is made of titanium covered by a beard made of steel wool. 80% type odds.
  • Trinaldo vs. Felder: Really like Felder and think he has more than a shot, I’m just not finding good enough reason he should be favored against old man Trinaldo on home soil. Trinaldo ~60% type odds feels about right.
  • Santos vs. Spicely: Santos should be 70% type odds or more. Spicely would be wise to take this to ground, I’m just not sure he can get it there.
  • Pepey vs. De La Torre: This fight has the potential to be the most exciting on the card. My sense is Pepey should be 60% type odds. He opens himself up, but I think he’s likely more skilled almost everywhere.
  • Burns vs. Prazeres: Think this one is close, but moderately favor Burns on age, speed and cardio.

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